2023-07-03 18:41:57
Bursa Kebab House continues to grow in Europe

Bursa Kebap Evi, which opened branches in the important...

Bursa Kebap Evi, which opened branches in the important cities of England and Germany during its journey, makes its mark on the world. The brand, which started to serve in the historical building that impresses with its splendor on Conaught Street Street, located in the Marble Arch district, one of the most important streets of London, opened its 3rd branch in Mannheim, Germany.

Bringing a new understanding to the food and beverage industry with the Casual Dining concept, Bursa Kebap Evi is growing rapidly as a preferred brand with its strong know-how and franchise system, potential to host guests and profitability. The brand, which has gained the trust of investors and received high demand from both domestic and abroad, has its name written in important cities of the world in line with its globalization goals. Bursa Kebap Evi, which has opened a branch on Conaught Street Street in the Marble Arch region, which has a strategic importance for the brand with its visitors from all over the world and its tourism potential, sees its London branch as a springboard. For the growth targets in Europe, the Mannheim branch in Germany is of great importance.

It targets world capitals…

Bursa Kebap Evi Chairman of the Board Cem Helvacı, stating that they have acted in line with their globalization goals from the first day of its establishment and that they have achieved a serious growth abroad in a short time like 12 years, said, “When we took over the brand, we set out with the goal of a global brand, but our biggest dream is Bursa Kebap in the important cities of the world. While waving the flag of the Evi brand, it was to introduce the local flavors of Bursa to the world. We are moving towards this dream with strong and sure steps. We have succeeded in being the most preferred and trusted brand by investors and shopping malls in the country. Next is to continue to open branches in the important cities of the world as a global brand. London has been a very important step after Dubai in the growth and globalization journey of our brand. We signed one of the most important streets of London with a special architecture. We will serve the real Iskender and doner kebab, the very special tastes of Turkish cuisine, to Londoners and tourists from all over the world. In addition, we opened our 3rd branch in Mannheim, Germany. Although it is a very short time, all of our flavors in our menu, especially our famous Iskender kebab, are attracting great interest in both our London and Manheim branches. Our goal is to open new branches in world capitals and important cities…”

It will reach a turnover of 2 billion TL by the end of the year…

Bursa Kebap Evi, which has become the Turkish restaurant chain with the most branches abroad, serves with 105 branches in Turkey and 15 branches abroad. Aiming to increase the number of foreign branches to 25 by the end of the year, Bursa Kebap Evi; It is located in 8 countries including Germany, England, Canada, United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The brand, which increased its turnover by 120 percent last year, aims to reach a turnover of approximately 2 billion TL by the end of the year.





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